Dalton and Payton's Intimate Outdoor Session by Meredith Washburn

I think some of my favorite photo sessions are intimate in-home or outdoor couple sessions. I love that couples open up and allow me into their intimate space to capture moments that feel so honest and raw; warming to the soul. Nature can make for really beautiful images, but the photos that make me feel the most are the ones that make my mind wander somewhere a little deeper into a love, friendship, family, or emotion. Dalton and Payton are two of my very favorite people to photograph as they are so comfortable together. Everything about their love is contagious. I hope you enjoy their intimate session as much as I enjoyed taking them: 

Cabin Time by Meredith Washburn

Family is some of the best time. And with moving three hours away from my hometown, family time has become a little more scarce (and seemingly more valuable). Recently my family built a pretty sweet cabin at the Giant Goose Ranch, which is a little ways from my hometown. I love spending time there, it's just my cup of tea <3. It is such a cozy and relaxing way to get away from the hustle and bustle of things. Here are some pictures from one of my last visits with my adorable family (special hugs to you, Silas....missing my Colorado pals <3)!

The hardest thing is when your family is in two different places, which often leaves my heart in two different places. Leaving my current St. Louis home to go back to my Illinois hometown to see family often means leaving my husband, who just started his first year of residency. And heading back home to my husband means leaving my family. Taking photos when I am with those I love is one way that helps them always seem close, even when they are hours away <3.

Colorado family lifestyle session by Meredith Washburn

My goal for the rest of this year and continuing on is to slow down and focus my energy on the intimate relationships and the unique connections that people share and experience. Sometimes my favorite photos are not award winning, publishing worthy, or even portfolio material, but rather things that move me to feel. I've been doing this job now for almost ten years and I'm still deeply drawn to the intimate and exclusive human connections that we all share.

This family session is specifically personal to me. The images shared are things that I hopetheir family can look back on someday in the future to feel and reminisce. Jake, Ali, and Silas hosted me in their Colorado home for a week and I photographed everything that had to do with their new-normal life with a 12 month old. I photographed things that are uniquely beautiful to their family as they let me share in their personal daily routines. From morning snuggles on their bed, daddy and son piano time, coffee at their favorite shop (which they often joke that they live there), playing at favorite parks, bath time, listening to records, bedtime routines and bottles, etc. I really hope that I get to do this more often with families in the future :)

Hospital Birth with Wes, Amanda, Max, and Jovie by Meredith Washburn

The morning of April 28th was overcast and cool. The sky was heavy with storm clouds and the air smelled of blooming flowers and rain. It was the perfect day to spend in the hospital waiting for the arrival of a sweet little baby girl.

I was so excited to witness the birth of my niece that I could not even sleep the night prior. I drove to the hospital early in the morning and met my brother-in-law, Wes, in the parking garage with some coffee. I'm an absolute disaster when it comes to finding my way around large hospitals, so it was nice to see his face waiting for me when I arrived. We sat in the hospital room all morning talking, catching up, and laughing. It was so nice getting time with Wes and Amanda alone in such an intimate setting. I photograph people in love on a daily basis, but getting to see a whole different side of love and and this incredible life journey was something that I'll never forget.

Around 2:50 p.m. Amanda started to push. Wes stepped in and grabbed onto Amanda and helped her through the birthing process with words of encouragement. He grabbed her hand so tightly and kept saying "you've got this, you're so close. you're doing great. keep it up. she's so close, you can do this". I loved seeing the smiles trickle across Wes' face as he watched the birth of his little girl. Seeing Amanda in labor just made her even more of a rock star to me. She's already the world's best and most beautiful mommy, but getting to see this side of strength and love made her even more beautiful to me. At 3:10 p.m. Wes and Amanda welcomed into the world their precious little girl, Jovie Grace. She was 19 inches long and weighted 7 lbs. 14 oz.

Jovie was born and was placed immediately on Amanda's chest. Amanda's eyes were so full of love and it made my heart swell just watching them together. Jovie was then carried off to the side to be checked out by the nurse. While she was crying, Wes reached his finger out, and Jovie latched on so tightly. She stopped crying immediately and just started cooing. So sweet that she already knew her daddy was there to protect her. The entire experience from start to finish just reinforced how special and beautiful life can be.

I was so engrossed with every little second of this experience. I am so thankful that Wes and Amanda allowed me the opportunity to photograph something so personal and beautiful.

If you're looking to have your birth photographed, please click on the contact button above. I love the entire experience and I would absolutely love to continue photographing these special life moments.