Luke + Kelli | engagement / by meredith

A few months ago I offered a contest to win a free photoshoot.  I had over 350 people entered into the drawing, and Luke and Kelli won!  I had so much fun taking photos of this amazingly beautiful couple.  Kelli is obviously stunning with her gorgeous red locks and her big pearly-white smile, while her fiance could easily pose as a double for Justin Timberlake (I'm sure he gets that a lot).  Needless to say, these two were quite easy to photograph. You can clearly see how much fun we had on this shoot.  Thanks to both of them for following me through a few muddy paths, and for trusting me to take their photos behind and a creepy old run down businesses! haha.

Unfortunately, Luke and Kelli will share my own wedding date this summer, so I will not get to take their photos =(! I will, however, be eagerly awaiting the photographs from their beautiful day.  This girl has one killer wedding dress (believe me!), so I'm hoping we can do a fun little shoot after her big day sometime this summer ;). Congrats Luke and Kelli!