Brett and Christina's Boho Wedding / by Meredith Washburn

Brett and Christina's Boho Wedding is one of my favorites to date.

The day started off absolutely beautiful with some clouds in the sky and a nice cool breeze. I arrived at the house where Christina and her friends were getting ready in the morning and was so excited for the day. The house where they were getting ready had so much character and was filled with gorgeous light. Have you ever seen an Anthropologie home magazine? Well, the house was basically that. I felt like I was stepping right into a magazine filled with the most beautiful people. It was stunning. The atmosphere was so calm which was refreshing. Christina has the world's sweetest presence. Seriously, everything about her is just beautiful inside and out. I was so excited to see her all dressed up in her bohemian wedding gown. There is something incredibly special about when the bridal party gets together at the beginning of the day to get ready together. I just love the memories made with friends on your wedding day. The hugs, the tears and smiles when the bride first puts on her gown, the giggles as stories are recalled from the past, exchanging of personal letters and gifts, putting on jewelry with special meaning, seeing yourself dressed as a bride for the first time, the realization that THIS IS THE DAY, the groomsmen and their silliness, trying to put on ties and bow-ties, the laughs, the music, the inside jokes shared...just everything! If these are memories that you hope to have on your special day, think about planning something unique and fun for you and your friends! Also, it's great to take into consideration what you'd like your photographs to look like! A room that has some space to move around, windows, beautiful light, and neutral colors are always great for photographs! If you don't have a house that you think would be great for getting ready, think about asking a friend or family member or even look into getting a hotel suite for everyone to spend time together!!!!

Brett and Christina planned their ceremony on her father's land out in the country. There were miles and miles of open wild grasses, flowers, trees, and space. They had planned a first look so that we could take some additional photos of the two of them prior to the ceremony. The weather was SO incredibly hot! The clouds had left the sky and the cool breeze from earlier in the morning had completely gone. I can honestly say this was the hottest wedding I've ever photographed (luckily with the world's coolest people). Brett and Christina were easy going. They totally soaked in the sun, sweat, wet shirts, and the day in its entirety and didn't let it affect their plans at all. It was magical. After the ceremony, we started moving cars over to the location where we were going to be taking family and bridal party photos. We had a line of cars parked blasting air conditioning. One photo would be organized quickly and people would hop out of the car and into place for the photos. As soon as one photo was done, guests and family would hop back into the cars with air conditioning and wait for their next photo. It was heartwarming to see guests, family, and friends doing literally whatever it took to make their day and photos perfect. As a photographer, this was one of my most challenging weddings to photograph. Soaking wet shirts, intense sun, sweat dripping, and getting photos organized with people in/out of cars was difficult. When I look back at the day, I realize that it was all completely worth it. At the end of the day, the sweat and wet shirts isn't what you remember, it's all the laughs and giggles we shared together during the day while making all of these moments happen. I have so many fun memories from this wedding. When I look back at their photos, I can't stop smiling. I seriously love this day.

If you have any questions as you plan your wedding day, feel free to click on the CONTACT button at the top of the page, and send me a message! I'd love to help make your planning less stressful and more enjoyable. I've been there before and know that the planning can be stressful and overwhelming at times!!!! Remember, at the end of the day, your wedding will be about the moments between you and your groom, your family, and your friends. Don't get overwhelmed by all the small details of the day :)