Donald Trump Rally in St. Louis, Missouri / by Meredith Washburn

As a quick note, this post will be of a different tone and subject matter than my usual content. Due to the nature of the event, there are some images and video depicting profanity and violence.


With the Missouri primary election around the corner, Donald Trump appeared today for a rally in downtown Saint Louis at the Peabody Opera House and I went there to document the events. The line of people waiting to get inside stretched all the way around multiple blocks. There was a large crowd of protesters gathered in front of the building facing off against the Trump supporters who could not get inside. Tensions were high, often fueled by the loudspeakers broadcasting the speech from inside the building. Below are some of the images showing the conflict and intense emotions of the day. While some people on both sides behaved poorly at times and things got out of hand, I am still thankful to live in a country where individuals have the right to assemble, protest, and openly express their beliefs.