Iceland Day 1 / by Meredith Washburn

We arrived in Iceland at 7am to a crowded KEF airport. We held our heavy bags for what seemed like hours (realistically probably 30 minutes) and waited in a line that resembled a stampede trying to get upstairs to have our passports checked. Once through the line, it was easy sailing. We met up with our friends, Kaitlin and Jeremy, and spent the day exploring in Reykjavik (the northernmost capital city for an independent nation). First stop was the Hallgrimskirkja Church (yeah, good luck pronouncing anything). The church provides a beautiful panorama of the entire city. We stopped at a local store and purchased our first round of Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt, which I've been living on since we arrived). Everything in the capital seems really expensive compared to normal prices back home. We went to a 'cheaper' grocery store, where chicken was $18/pound. Needless to say, we didn't purchase any chicken. haha. Since we were tired adjusting to the time difference (and the nearly 24 hours of daylight), we went back to the studio apartment and cooked some pasta and garlic bread. For a few hours, we busted out our giant map of Iceland and planned out our route for the next couple days. Stay tuned!